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Multimedia technology to support independence for and participation by people with dementia (2011-2012)

The Mylife project has also a dedicated web site.

The aim of the Mylife project is acollaboration between partners from Norway, the United Kingdom and Germany. The project will refine and expand the existing Mylife-prototype to include enhanced functionality and will produce a high-quality product ready for the European assistive technology market. The product is for people with cognitive disabilities. The service offered by Mylife supports time-orientation, sensory awareness, communication and recreational activities (entertainment). The basic idea is to utilise Internet-based services and applicationswhich will be elegantly rendered on the end-user’s touch-screen.

Mylife-prototype on large and small touch-screen
Mylife-prototypes (Photo: L.T. Boye & R. Hellman)

Mylife aims to support independence by older people with reduced cognitive function such as mild cognitive impairment (MCI) or dementia by giving them access to simple and intuitive ICT-solutions that are adapted to individual needs and wishes and use standard hardware. Services available on the Internet will be transformed and presented through an easy-to-use display on standard mainstream hardware such as a PC or a mobile phone with a touch-screen.

The end-usera operate the system themselves through a simple, personalised user interface which will be totally touch-screen based, visually clear, and as simple as possible. The interface will be as accessible as possible for different users with different needs, wishes and requirements.

Project partners and roles

The MYLIFE-consortium is designed to provide an excellent environment for the envisaged software development, field trials and exploitation activities. The project partners and their main areas of expertise/tasks in the MYLIFE-project are:

Both Housing 21 and Trent Dementia Services Development Centre sub-contract parts of user tests and field trials to Innovations in Dementia (United Kingdom). Associated partners who provide BIS with end-users in Germany are Altenhilfe-zentrum Sarepta Waltershausen/Thuringia, Protestant Geriatric Center/Berlin and Stiftung Schönholzer Heide/Berlin.


Mylife-flyer (in English)
Mylife-flyer (in German)
Mylife-flyer (in Norwegian)

AAL Corporate Video with Mylife-glimpses (seconds 2:02-2:03), YouTube
AAL-project catalogue 2011 with Mylife (pages 106-107)

ICT for increased quality of life for the elderly. Public Service Review: Health an Social Care: issue 30.


Paper: Riitta Hellman: Usable User Interfaces for Persons with Memory Impairments. In: Reiner Wichert and Birgid Ebehardt (eds.): Ambient Assisted Living. 5. AAL-Kongress 2012. Berlin, Germany, January 24-25. Springer, Pp. 167-176. Overheads: Overheads.

Meeting places

AAL Forum 2012, Eidhoven (The Netherlands) 24-27.9.2012.

Contact information

Riitta Hellman (project leader, Karde AS), mobile phone: + 47 - 982 112 00
Geir Melby (Tellu AS)
Inger Hagen (Forget-me-not AS)
Sidsel Bjørneby (Sidsel Bjørneby Sole Proprietorship)
Rachael Dutton (Housing21)
Deborah Brooks (Trent Dementia Services and Development Centre)
Nada Savitch (Innovations in Dementia)
Eva Schulze (Berlin Institute for Social Research)


Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) Joint Programme
European Commission (co-funding)
IT Funk (Norway)
Technology Strategy Board (United Kingdom)
Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF) (Germany)

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