Four photos of happy elderly persons

Technology for participation,
wellbeing and quality of life.




Mylife-flyer (in English)
(in German)
(in Norwegian)

AAL JP project presentation (in English)

AAL Corporate Video with Mylife-glimpses (seconds 2:02-2:03), YouTube

Poster at Norwegian Dementia Days 2012. (In Norwegian)

Poster at 27th International Conference of Alzheimer’s Disease International, London, 7-10 March 2012. (In English)

Poster at AAL Forum 2011. (In English)

ICT for increased quality of life for the elderly. Public Service Review: Health and Social Care: issue 30.

Press releases:

Press release 1 (July 2011) (Norway)

Selected papers and presentations:

Usable User Interfaces for Persons with Memory Impairments. In: Reiner Wichert and Birgid Ebehardt (eds.): Ambient Assisted Living. 5. AAL-Kongress 2012. Berlin, Germany, January 24-25. Springer, Pp. 167-176.

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