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Mylife participated in the AAL Forum 2012 with three presentations:
Overheads: Mylife – a case study of the ethics of user involvement in field trials across Europe (Rachael Dutton, Nada Savitch and Antony Walker).
Overheads: Mylife - multimedia technology for people with MCI: The first trial results (Anja Wilbrandt and Eva Schulze).
Overheads: Mylife end-user technology platform: Low cost technology with Android OS (Lars Thomas Boye).

The Mylife booth in the exhibition hall was frequently visited:

Photos: Visitors at Mylife booth in Eindhoven

Mylife roll-up from the exhibitiond stand (AAL Forum 2012).

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EU parliament event of the AAL Joint Programme: Managing an aged society while promoting sustainable and smart businesses: the future strategy of the AAL Joint Programme.

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