Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT), is about connecting electronic devices over the internet. This development makes it possible to develop numbers of new innovative services, for example real time monitoring of the environment, buildings and health, as well as managing energy, infrastructures and production processes. Recently, we have seen innovations related to the term “Internet of Everything” (IoE).

Internet of Everything (IoE) is about connecting people, processes, data and things/devices in new and smarter ways. Thus, we can get more, and more relevant services, better decision-making as a basis for business and management, improved efficiency, as well as better health and better quality of life.

Karde keeps positioning itself in this landscape by building professional expertise and creating partnerships with companies that have cloud-based offerings that support IoE services.

Our main partners in Norway are our sister company Tellu AS and More Software Solutions AS. Both companies have developed cloud-based platforms for the Internet of Everything. Tellu offers TelluCloud that can provide vertical business solutions based on a rules engine and a wide variety of sensors, and also an architecture for IoT solutions. More offers Compose, a platform for process and information capture.


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