Open Source Infrastructure for Run-time Integration of Services

Topic and goals

The goal of the EUREKA/ITEA-project OSIRIS was to develop Open Source middleware for services. The experimental services were designed to be available on different types of equipment such as mobile phones and digital TV. This was before the era of the smartphone!

The project run during 2005-2008. Among the OSIRIS-participants, we found leading companies, research institutes and universities from 9 different European countries. The Norwegian participants’ role was to define requirements to the platform, participate in the development of the platform, and test the platform by developing prototype services which demonstrated the features of the platform.

Karde had the main responsibility and coordination of the activities in the Tax Directorate activities in the project.
We made requirements and developed a set of tax services on the mobile phone. Karde was also the manager of one of the four work packages in the international project.

ICT-Norway was the coordinator of the Norwegian part of the OSIRIS project.


The Norwegian part of the project was partly financed by the Norwegian Research Council
and the Tax Directorate.

Selected links, highlights and results


OSIRIS WP Manager and coordinator of the Tax Directorate activities Terje Grimstad
Phone number: +47 908 44 023

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